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Tsunami Nutrition

BCAA PURE 4:1:1 200cps ajinomoto


Tsunami Nutrition Bcaa Pure 4: 1: 1 Ajinomoto, Food supplement of branched amino acids with quality and purity guaranteed by Ajinomoto certification.

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Tsunami Nutrition Bcaa Pure 4:1:1 Ajinomoto

What is it and what is it for?

Bcaa Pure 4:1:1 Ajinomoto Tsunami Nutrition is a BCAA branched amino acid supplement in capsules with a 4:1:1 ratio, a supplement boosted with 4 parts of L-Leucine and improved in assimilation by the presence of B vitamins.

The 4:1:1 ratio of branched amino acids is defined as ideal for supporting muscle building and maintenance. This is a quality and purity supplement that is guaranteed with the Ajinomoto brand, a Japanese leader in the integration sector, which also produces pharmaceutical products, greatly grown and appreciated over the years for its amino acid production standards now used in worldwide. This certification ensures the use of natural processes for the fermentation of amino acids in which animal sources are totally eliminated.

This product is therefore useful for all athletes who want:

  • follow a vegan diet;
  • improve energy performance in training sessions;
  • reduce tiredness and fatigue;
  • improve attention and mental focus.

When to use Bcaa Pure 4:1:1 Ajinomoto?

Bcaa Pure 4:1:1 Ajinomoto Tsunami Nutrition is ideal for recovery after weight training. In fact this amino acid supplement can be used as a function of training, it is particularly indicated after a heavy exercise with weights to speed up recovery and to regenerate tissues since the high presence of L-Leucine intervenes quickly to repair damaged muscle tissues with training.

During a hypocaloric diet phase it can also be used before training to provide adequate glucogenetic support to the muscles in absence of carbohydrates, in this case the amino acids will be used as the main energy source for training with catabolism effects very important to avoid losing the muscle mass already acquired with hard exercises and with sacrifices of the diet.

For its line of branched amino acids, Tsunami Nutrition uses Ajinomoto certified formulations, a certified raw material capable of ensuring the highest nutritional standards and suitable for all sportsmen who want to use only the best for their sports nutrition.

Speed recovery and improve muscle growth with Bcaa Pure 4:1:1 Ajinomoto Tsunami Nutrition

This supplement also provides B vitamins, in particular B1, B6 and B12 vitamins, micronutrients which are very important for energy metabolism and which improve the assimilation of the supplement.

After a very intense and demanding workout you can use this product combined with a source of carbohydrates with rapid assimilation. This combination is the most indicated during the muscle-building phase to bring muscle anabolism to maximum levels and to increase the storage of energy reserves.

During a diet phase to lose weight, the BCAA amino acids in the ratio 4:1:1 are instead indicated to hinder muscle catabolism or, before training, as an energetic alternative to carbohydrates.

How to take Bcaa Pure 4:1:1 Ajinomoto?

We are talking about a product rich in branched amino acids with a 4:1:1 ratio made with a certified certified pure and quality Ajinomoto formula specifically designed by the Tsunami Nutrition Team to accompany you before, during and after training. Therefore, the dosage is: 3 tablets before training sessions and 2 after physical exercise.

Which products I can associate with the use of Bcaa Pure 4:1:1 Ajinomoto?

To achieve greater muscle recovery, we recommend combining the use of this product with GLUTA Micro Pure Kyowa Quality®.

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BCAA PURE 4:1:1 200cps ajinomoto

BCAA PURE 4:1:1 200cps ajinomoto

Tsunami Nutrition Bcaa Pure 4: 1: 1 Ajinomoto, Food supplement of branched amino acids with quality and purity guaranteed by Ajinomoto certification.

Tabella nutrizionale
200 capsule 
tsunami nutrition
Dosi per confezione: 40Dose: 5 capsule (1 dose)
ComponenteQuantità% VNR
L-leucina 3333.33 mg
L-Valina 833.33 mg
L-Isoleucina 833.33 mg
Vitamina B1 1.1 mg
Vitamina B6 1.4 mg
Vitamina B12 2.5 µg 100 %
* Le Razioni Giornaliere Raccomandate sono calcolate sulla base di una dieta da 2000 kcal o 8400 kJ. Il proprio fabbisogno giornaliero può variare a seconda del sesso, dell'età e dell'attività fisica svolta.
Ingredienti: BCCA´s AJINOMOTO (L-Leucina, L-Valina e L-Isoleucina), vitamina B6 (cloridrato di piridossina), vitamina B1 (cloridrato di
tiamina), vitamina B12 (cianocobalamina) e antiagglomerante E-470b.
Istruzioni: Assumere 5 compresse al giorno.
Avvertenze: Gli integratori alimentari non vanno intesi come sostituti di una dieta variata ed equilibrata. Non superare la dose giornaliera raccomandata. Tenere fuori dalla portata dei bambini al di sotto dei 3 anni. Conservare in un luogo fresco e asciutto.
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