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ALC Pure 60 cps


Tsunami Nutrition ALC Pure 60 cps, Food Supplement of Acetyl L-Carnitine in 1g tablets 

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Acetyl Carnitine Alc Pure Tsunami Nutrition supplement of Acetyl L-Carnitine in 1000 mg tablets

What is it and what is it for?

A very important antioxidant and slimming supplement in sports, it protects energy-intensive tissues from toxins accumulated with workout fatigue, speeds up the transfer of fat from the bloodstream to the mitochondria, contributes to increase energy production and improves mental and physical response in post-workout.

Important support to speed up the disposal of fat in the diet phase, it increases the availability of energy during the most demanding workouts. The task of Acetyl L-Carnitine is called transport. It is a mitochondrial transporter, its main function is to promote energy oxidation and fat metabolism. Therefore, it helps athlete to lose weight and reduce fat mass, keeps the accumulation of fat in nerve cells under control and is very important for the synthesis of some specific neurotransmitters, in particular acetylcholine, whose metabolism is compressed in presence of degenerative pathologies at the neuro-psychiatric level.

Acetil Carnitine Alc Pure Tsunami Nutrition protects tissues from oxidative stress and promotes the transformation of long-chain fatty acids into energy

Thanks to the intervention of Carnitine, fats can be disposed of which, if accumulated, would be harmful to health. In fact, long chain fatty acids are mainly responsible for the obstruction of blood vessels. In addition to improving daily well-being, this supplement increases energy availability and therefore has important effects on performance in the gym.

It is a supplement very indicated in the hypocaloric diet phase, when it is necessary to remedy the lack of carbohydrates and therefore it is necessary to seek, in this case from fats, alternative energy sources.
With the support of this supplement based on Acetyl Carnitine, the accumulation of free radicals is hindered. This effect is very important for athletes who, having to carry out close training, are subject to a further accumulation of toxins.

Ideal to increase the intensity of training, it is a very important antioxidant element to protect the body from air pollution, to help eliminate toxins present in food and to counteract the harmful effects of all factors due to daily stress.

Thanks to of Acetil Carnitine ALC PURE Tsunami Nutrition  will be improved well-being in sports and in everyday diet

In addition to the important antioxidant and anti-aging action, this supplement is an ally of cardiovascular and neurological well-being. Furthermore, recent studies have highlighted the important action on sperm motility, which is a positive intervention to increase male fertility.

When to use ALC Pure Tsunami Nutrition?

A tablet in the morning on an empty stomach and one before each workout.

Which supplements can you combine with?

In order to have a better result during the phase of weight loss, muscle definition and support of cardiovascular health it is recommended to associate the action of ALC Pure with CLA.

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ALC Pure 60 cps

ALC Pure 60 cps

Tsunami Nutrition ALC Pure 60 cps, Food Supplement of Acetyl L-Carnitine in 1g tablets 

Tabella nutrizionale
tsunami nutrition
Dosi per confezione: 60Dose: 1 tavoletta (1000 mg)
ComponenteQuantità% VNR
Acetil L-Carnitina1000 mg
* Le Razioni Giornaliere Raccomandate sono calcolate sulla base di una dieta da 2000 kcal o 8400 kJ. Il proprio fabbisogno giornaliero può variare a seconda del sesso, dell'età e dell'attività fisica svolta.
Ingredienti: Acetil L-Carnitina cloridrato; Capsula (Gelatina, Colorante: Biossido di titanio); Agente di carica: cellulosa microcristallina; agenti Anti Agglomeranti: biossido di silicio, sali di magnesio degli acidi grassi. Può contenere latte, soia.
Istruzioni: deglutire 1 tavoletta al giorno con acqua o altra bevanda a scelta.
Avvertenze: non superare la dose giornaliera consigliata. Tenere fuori dalla portata dei bambini al di sotto dei tre anni. Gli integratori alimentari non vanno intesi come sostituti di una dieta variata ed equilibrata. Una dieta variata ed equilibrata ed uno stile di vita sano sono importanti. Conservare in luogo fresco ed asciutto. Può contenere latte, soia.
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