Who we are 

Years of experience in the world of integration have led us over time among the many brands now on the market to select for you only the best...
Moreover, more importantly, thanks to a qualified staff made up of nutrition and sports specialists, we have created, studied and designed the new TSUNAMI NUTRITION line, a company synonymous with "purity and quality".
We are absolutely convinced that in the food supplements sector quality assurance is the fundamental principle that must inspire the entire production cycle.
The careful selection of raw materials, the relationship of trust and reliability with suppliers and the quality control of finished products are of equal importance to us ...
Thanks to all this circuit mathematically all the products are made of meticulously selected raw materials to guarantee purity and quality !!!

Why buy Tsunami Nutrition?

The TSUNAMI NUTRITION aims to offer the market solutions that help to better face the sport in all its phases, before training, during physical effort and after training.
Furthermore, whatever goal you set yourself, maintaining proper nutrition and training, our integration will be a support for you:
  • increase muscles
  • lose excess fats
  • recover strength and energy faster
  • maintain constant nutritional levels in the body
More importantly, the application of the GMP quality manual (Good Manufacturing Practice) and a total quality management system based on the European Certification ISO 9001, is a reflection of our way of working according to the highest international standards and standards to guarantee the best quality of the product.
All these production peculiarities put the TSUNAMI NUTRITION range at the high end of the food supplement market !!!