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NATURAL HEALTH cromo 100 tbl


Tsunami Nutrition NATURAL HEALTH Crome 100 tbl, Picolinate Chrome in tbl.

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Tsunami Nutrition NATURAL HEALTH Chrome 100 tbl

What is it and what is for?

Picolinate Chrome 200 mcg 100 tbs by NATURAL HEALTH is a supplement realized with salts of chrome to improve the absorption of this micronutrients reducing possible collateral effects from toxicity. This product has different applications, both in sport and in healthy field. In fact, it can be used as anabolic or as help to improve lipidic context and to modulate glycemia in jejunum.

Moreover, chrome is a very important substance as an assistant in weight-loss processes, because it regularizes levels of sugars in blood and causes a decrease of hunger feeling, it stimulates metabolism and make you burn more calories, it promotes muscular tone and, by increasing muscular mass, it helps to eliminate fats accumulated in your body.

Natural Health: Tsunami Nutrition supplements line

Tsunami Nutrition Natural Health Chrome is a part of the special Natural Health line, wellness products developed for who loves to take care of his own health.

Lots of people believe that food supplements are products only for sportsmen and body builders. Actually, modern nutrition is often rich in calories, but poor in nutrients and this is why integrate is so important to re-equilibrate our body.

Tsunami Nutrition has created Natural Health supplements line in order give make happy not only sportsmen and body builders, but also common men that have realized how supplements can be helpful to reach wellness and body’s health.

Tsunami Natural Health line products optimize some physiological processes such as muscular metabolism and recovery, they help to reduce tiredness and muscular and psychophysics stress and they address our body to a better use of energies.

When and why take Picolinate Chrome?

For what concerns sport field, it is recommended to take NATURAL HEALTH Chrome after training for three fundamental reasons:

  • Because it acts by sensitizing body to insulin intervention, a hypoglycemic hormone that moves the entire nutrient in blood into muscular cells where it will be used at its best;
  • Because it also has an insulin effect that reduces glycemia by empowering intervention of the abovementioned hormone;
  • Because it improves body composition by increasing lean mass and by reducing the fat one.

Although mechanism of chrome action has not been entirely clarified, it is evident that abovementioned effects could be a great help to accelerate and to help recovery since nutrients, in order to act at their best, must be stay in tissues and not in blood flow.

From the other side, healthy properties of this product are attributable to an improving of lipidemic framework and, specifically, to a reduction of global cholesterol and LDL fractions, low density lipoproteins that represent a danger for your health because they can obstruct arteries.

Synergies and way of use of Picolinate Chrome

Now, we want to examine how it is possible amplify and improve effects of this product. In phase of mass construction, in after training, you will surely combine the use of Tsunami Nutrition NATURAL HEALTH Chrome with a product like VITARGO PURE, but you can also add further similar insulin compounds such as alpha lipoic acid and, as healthy support to improve reduction of cholesterol, you can also add Omega-3.

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NATURAL HEALTH cromo 100 tbl

NATURAL HEALTH cromo 100 tbl

Tsunami Nutrition NATURAL HEALTH Crome 100 tbl, Picolinate Chrome in tbl.

Tabella nutrizionale
100 compresse 
tsunami nutrition
Dosi per confezione: 100Dose: 1 compressa (1 dose)
ComponenteQuantità% VNR
Cromo Picolinato200 mcg
* Le Razioni Giornaliere Raccomandate sono calcolate sulla base di una dieta da 2000 kcal o 8400 kJ. Il proprio fabbisogno giornaliero può variare a seconda del sesso, dell'età e dell'attività fisica svolta.
Ingredienti: cromo picolinato, agente di carica cellulosa microcristallina e fosfati di calcio, agente antiagglomerante: sali di magnesio.
Istruzioni: per gli adulti, prendere una (1) compressa al giorno, preferibilmente con un pasto.
Avvertenze: non destinato all'uso da parte delle donne in gravidanza o allattamento. Se state prendendo dei farmaci o avete qualsiasi condizione medica, consultare il medico prima dell'uso. Interrompere l'uso e consultare il medico se si verificano reazioni avverse. Tenere fuori dalla portata dei bambini. Conservare a temperatura ambiente. Non usare se il sigillo sotto il tappo è rotto o mancante.
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