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NATURAL HEALTH caffeina 100 tbl


Tsunami Nutrition NATURAL HEALTH Caffeine 100 tbl, Food supplement with Caffeine, perfect to optimize your explosive energy.

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Tsunami Nutrition NATURAL HEALTH Caffeine 100 tbl

What is it and what is for?

Tsunami Nutrition Caffeine 200 mg 100 tbl by NATURAL HEALTH is a food supplement realized with 100% alkaloid stimulant from caffeine, a nutrient of methylxanthine category, perfect to optimize explosive energy, especially in lack of carbohydrates, to improve mental concentration to face intense trainings and to stimulate endogen production of catecholamines.

In particular in sport field, caffeine of Natural Health line can improve resistance for a period included between 30 and 60 minutes. Anyway, there are less researches on exercises with a duration inferior to 30 minutes.

Some tests suggest that caffeine has no positive effects on exercise with maximal, but other studies have demonstrated a 10-11% strength increasing in trainings with 6-10 repetitions. This demonstrates the potential of caffeine used together with training focused on hypertrophy, when you want to build your muscle!

Natural Health: Tsunami Nutrition supplements line

Tsunami Nutrition Caffeine 

 is a part of the special Natural Health line, wellness products developed for who loves to take care of his own health.

Lots of people believe that food supplements are products only for sportsmen and body builders. Actually, modern nutrition is often rich in calories, but poor in nutrients and this is why integrate is so important to re-equilibrate our body.

Tsunami Nutrition has created Natural Health supplements line in order give make happy not only sportsmen and body builders, but also common men that have realized how supplements can be helpful to reach wellness and body’s health.

Tsunami Natural Health line products optimize some physiological processes such as muscular metabolism and recovery, they help to reduce tiredness and muscular and psychophysics stress and they address our body to a better use of energies.

Caffeine Natural Health: a help in life and in sport

Caffeine is a stimulating that you can find in coffee, tea, guarana and other plants. It acts by inhibiting effects of adenosine, a substance that induces sleep. Adenosine has a relaxing effect on the organism that is blocked from caffeine making us staying physically more active and mentally awake. Caffeine improves concentration ability and physical performances and delays tiredness.

Several studies have demonstrated that levels of strength and energy increase and lead to better performances, both strong and resistant ones. It has been demonstrated that caffeine stimulates metabolism and increases levels of energy. Moreover, it has been proved that it increases also use of fat for the energy, especially during activity of resistance. This long list of performance benefits makes caffeine a substance used in a lot of supplements that must be taken before training or to burn fat. Caffeine is the most used supplement to stimulate performance.

What are the main characteristics of this product?

  • 100% pure caffeine;
  • it sustains explosive energy;
  • it promotes production of catecholamines;
  • it is ideal both for mass and definition.

Efficient synergy of Caffeine 200 mg with other products

At this point, we’ve understood how a simple and very common substance like NATURAL HEALTH Caffeine is a cheap and fundamental help to improve your performance and your results, mass or weight-loss aims.
Let’s see through what synergies it is possible amplify Caffeine 200 mg potentialities. There are two possible ways: integrate a product with Omega essential fat acids and enrich the doses with L-carnitine.

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NATURAL HEALTH caffeina 100 tbl

NATURAL HEALTH caffeina 100 tbl

Tsunami Nutrition NATURAL HEALTH Caffeine 100 tbl, Food supplement with Caffeine, perfect to optimize your explosive energy.

Tabella nutrizionale
100 compresse 
tsunami nutrition
Dosi per confezione: 100Dose: 1 compressa (1 dose)
ComponenteQuantità% VNR
Caffeina200 mg
* Le Razioni Giornaliere Raccomandate sono calcolate sulla base di una dieta da 2000 kcal o 8400 kJ. Il proprio fabbisogno giornaliero può variare a seconda del sesso, dell'età e dell'attività fisica svolta.
Ingredienti: Caffeina anidra, agente di carica:cellulosa microcristallina, agente antiagglomerante: sali di magnesio.
Istruzioni: assumere 1 cps al giorno prima dell'attività fisica.
Avvertenze: non utilizzare in gravidanza e nei bambini o comunque per periodi prolungati senza sentire il parere del medico. Non assumere per più di 30 giorni. L’effetto benefico si ottiene con l’assunzione giornaliera di 3 g di creatina. Il prodotto non deve intendersi come sostitutivo di una dieta variata e va assunto in uno stile di vita sano ed equilibrato. Non superare la dose giornaliera consigliata. Tenere fuori dalla portata dei bambini al di sotto dei tre anni. Conservare in luogo fresco e asciutto, lontano da fonti di calore e dai raggi solari.
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