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Knee Wraps TSUNAMI fasce ginocchia


Knee Wraps TSUNAMI fasce ginocchia, Professional bands for knees.

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Knees Wraps TSUNAMI

Knees Wraps by TSUNAMI, elastic and protective bands for your knees!

1,9 m long, elastic Knees Wraps by Tsunami Nutrition have no belt-loop and no Velcro to let you regulate them on your own following your measures. You can use them at the gym for squats or for weights-liftings in order to have more stability thanks to their resistant material.

Each package contains two bands made with iso 9002 process, the practical purse is signed by Tsunami and it will be very useful to keep all your gym accessorizes inside your bag.

How do Knees Wrap help the weight-lifting?

Knee Wraps by TSUNAMI are a great help for quiet common exercises, such as squats. Elastic energy of these bands has been specifically studied to increase power, in particular during ascendant phase of the lifting. Thanks to the use of this Knees Wraps the heaviest weight lifted-up could be increased till 10% more. Lift-up a heavier weight, more times!

At the gym it’s easy to see athletes that use this functional accessorize because Knees Wraps by Tsunami help to increase knees stability and help to do a more controlled movement.

Whats are the main characteristics of Knees Wraps by TSUNAMI?

  • They protect Knees and Supply Support, our elastic containment bands help to keep your knees warm and protected during the hardest trainings;
  • Perfect for many sports, a good product for heavy squats, cross-training, legs press and high intensity liftings. You can use them every time you go to the gym to reduce risk of injures;
  • Long-lasting duration, thanks to strong and resistant material;
  • Unique style, with RED/BLACK colors by Tsunami Nutrition with logo.

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Knee Wraps TSUNAMI fasce ginocchia

Knee Wraps TSUNAMI fasce ginocchia

Knee Wraps TSUNAMI fasce ginocchia, Professional bands for knees.