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Tsunami Nutrition


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Tsunami Nutrition CASEIN PURE 900 g, Food supplement based on Micelar Casein.

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Tsunami Nutrition CASEIN Pure 900 g

What is it and what is for?

CASEIN Pure 900 g is a product created by Tsunami Nutrition to ensure you the anabolic push you need in order to don’t face the catabolism phenomenon at night, in other words to no vanish all the efforts you did at the gym during your training and to keep feeding your muscles even when you sleep.

This supplement has been specifically designed to release amino acids step by step in order to cover those moments when you can’t eat, for example while you’re sleeping.

How does CASEIN Pure work?

CASEIN Pure is constituted by micellar casein which forms a gel in the stomach that slows down for some hours the aggression of gastric juices and so it allows that macro nutrients contained in the product, amino acids, will be absorbed with the right slowness that doesn’t allow metabolism to take root on muscular tissues already taken, this is the catabolic effect; without this, growing lean mass would be very difficult.

Without any doubts, the perfect time to take this supplement is at night before going to bed, in fact it’s during the night that metabolism works hard in order to regenerate and rebuild muscular fibers damaged by intense training, but without the adequate nourishment, metabolism would be forced to face this lack by attacking and disassembling proteins already stocked in muscles (proteolysis).

With CASEIN Pure 900 g you could easily avoid this unpleasant process thanks to its ability to sustain the anabolism and the balance of positive nitrogen for some hours, more over at night there are peaks of production of different anabolic hormones such as testosterone and natural GH. So, this is another reason to eat this type of food or to take specific supplement such as CASEIN before going to bed.

CASEIN Pure 900 g can be a valid ally against proteolysis also in all these moments when you can’t eat adequate foods.

In order to improve the already high quality of this product, Tsunami Nutrition has integrated it with Digestive Enzymes and other anabolic and anti-catabolic elements that help digestion. We’re talking about: glutamine and branched chain amino acids, among these leucine helps to avoid disintegration of muscular tissues; these macro nutrients activate mTor1 signal ways and other canals fundamental for mammals. Then we can mention glutamine which incentives hydration of the cells, amplifies production (already high at night) of GH and helps to repristinate glycogen.

Lastly, we have a gram of alimental fiber for each measuring cup of powder; this element, even if it has any nutritional value, is considered very important because it improves intestinal assimilation of what we eat.

What are the main characteristics of this product?

Here a sum-up of the main characteristics of CASEIN Pure:

  • it’s realised with micelar casein;
  • it’s enriched with Bcaa and glutamine;
  • it releases amino acids for some hours;
  • it prevents catabolism;
  • it supports muscular growth;
  • it’s available in eight different tastes;
  • low quantity of lipids and sugars;
  • digestive Enzymes.

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molto buono.


Casein Pure Cioccolato al latte

Ottimo prodotto ma assurdo che sia praticamente sempre indisponibile!


Casein Pure 900 G

prodotto molto buono direi di eccellenza
mi aiuta tantissino nel recupero muscolare


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Tsunami Nutrition CASEIN PURE 900 g, Food supplement based on Micelar Casein.

Tabella nutrizionale
tsunami nutrition
Dosi per confezione: 36Dose: 1 misurino (25g)
ComponenteQuantità% VNR
Proteine20 g
Carboidrati1,6 g
di cui zuccheri1,1 g
Grassi1,3 g
di cui saturi0,5 g
Sodio0,5 g
Profilo aminoacidico per 100g.
Acido aspartico 8g
L-treonina 5.1g
L-serina 5.3g
L-glicina 1.9g
L-alanina 3.7g
L-valina 6.2g
L-isoleucina 5.5g
L-leucina 9.7g
L-tirosina 4.5g
L-fenilalanina 4.4g
L-istidina 2.4g
L-lisina 8.1g
L-arginina 3.5g
L-prolina 7.5g
L-cisteina 1.5g
L-metionina 2.5g
L-triptofano 1.4g
L-glutamina 18.8g
* Le Razioni Giornaliere Raccomandate sono calcolate sulla base di una dieta da 2000 kcal o 8400 kJ. Il proprio fabbisogno giornaliero può variare a seconda del sesso, dell'età e dell'attività fisica svolta.
Ingredienti: caseinato di calcio (latte), cacao in polvere, olio di cocco parzialmente e non idrogenato (contiene latte), aroma: cioccolato, sale, addensanti: sodio carbossimetilcellulosa, emulsionante: lecitina di soia, regolatori di acidità: potassio tartrato, edulcoranti: sucralosio e glicosidi steviolici, vanillina.
Istruzioni: assumere 1 misurino 25g 1 volta al giorno
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